What is a value bet?
It happens that bookmakers make mistakes in setting the odds. Our service uses analytical and statistical methods to identify these mistakes and finding the value bets.Value bets will give you the best chance of gaining profit.
Value betting gives the player an advantage over the bookmaker and will generate stable winnings.
Value bets are the certain road to steady profits!
Recommended flat-stakes 10/10 strategy, 2-3 % of bankroll at most.

  • ValueBets give opportunities to make a profit by placing bets systematically on overvalued odds.
  • A valuebet is a bet whose odds have a probability value higher then the real probability of it happening. Therefore, continuous stakes with this type of bet have a safe profit in the long term since their value is higher than their probability. 
  • Key to successful betting is in finding value situations.
  • A value situation is where the odds on offer from a bookmaker reflect a probability that is less to the actual probability of that outcome occurring.


We are using flat staking 10/10 strategy,2-3% of bankroll at most for a single bet. We provide average 30-45 tips/month,we have a limit number of subscribers because first of all we want stabile odds for our followers.
Follow us to make money by betting on value odds.

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